Web Applications

We automate your processes.

Our web applications are individually tailored. We are the specialists that take up complex issues and provide them to the user in a simple and understandable manner. Our IT experts advise you internationally, create user-friendly and professional designs and implement your projects with the technologies of tomorrow. We accompany you from the beginning and look after your long term projects as a Technical Support.

From idea to product

Personal meeting

In a personal meeting we are getting acquainted with you and your ideas.

Planning phase

We create a concept that is optimally tailored to your needs.

Desiging phase

From the concept created earlier, we manufacture screen designs. Your and our ideas are visualized, existing misunderstandings can be detected and eliminated in this way.

Development phase

The project is implemented with the latest technologies.

Test phase

In the development process of software serious errors may occur that can cause high costs. Before each release the project is extensively tested and tested for quality assurance.

Technical Support

Even after completion of the project, we continues to be available as Technical support.

Our product range overview

  • complex B2B-applications
  • Content Management Systems and Online-Shops
  • WebApps or native Apps
  • eLearning applications
  • database, server and interface development
  • Landing Pages
  • Desktop Applikationen
  • Outlook and Excel Addins

contact person:

Nadine Fisch

Contact us:

+49 (0)3 85 – 34 33 87 72