About TSI-E

Technische Sachbearbeitung Industrial – Engineering

Technische Sachbearbeitung Industrial – Engineering (abbr. TSI-E) , is an internationally active service provider. TSI-E, headquarted in Schwerin Germany, supports its customers from the early development stage until the delivery of a technical documentation.

We create, design and examine technical documentations such as operating instructions, installation and assembly instructions, training documents or  Online Help.  Our technical editors  write requirement specifications or they take care of the terminology of your technical documentation and user interfaces.

Our technical editors are increasingly working in our office due to digital possibilities – this is enabled by a special business concept and our long-standing experience in all industrial sectors.

Our location


Alte Waisenstiftung 6
19055 Schwerin

phone: + 49 (0)3 85 – 34 33 87 71
fax: + 49 (0)32 12 – 13 54 034

mail: info@tsi-e.den-

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